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6 Tips to Save on Your Entire Wardrobe

Sometimes a new wardrobe is a very expensive necessity. However, many have shared tales of completely redoing their style, and only spending a couple hundred dollars to do it.  The key is to utilize the maximum savings, and find the best discounted stores or sales. Here are a few other tips to redo your wardrobe for less.

Set a Budget

Monthly, save 5 to 10 percent of your income to put towards your new wardrobe. Create a savings account specifically for this goal. Either buy a few wardrobe necessities every month, or wait until an important shopping day to use your savings.

Buy Versatile Pieces

Avoid shopping for only trendy pieces. Aim to buy clothing that have multiple usages. For example look for well-constructed jeans, cardigans, and casual and dressy t-shirts. All these items can work in social or business casual settings.

You want to buy well-constructed garments so that you aren’t constantly buying new items every couple of months. Examine stitching and seams. Does the item show consistency? Does it look like it would come apart with one snag? Also look for snags, loops, or hanging strings. Make sure all buttons are securely sewn onto the fabric, and ensure it is constructed mainly with wool or cotton. Both fabrics last longer than some others.

Clearance Aisle

Keep an open mind when searching through the clearance aisle. Somethings may not catch your eye upon first glance, but could become statement pieces that you wear regularly. Only purchase items that you plan to wear during multiple occasions.

Shop Thrift Stores

Many thrift stores carry used name brand items for very discounted prices. Try to search through a thrift shop at least a few times before completing your purchase. A lot of the most quality pieces are hidden within piles of other clothing.

Shop Holidays Sales

Holiday sales can range anywhere from 30 percent to 85 percent off clearance or regular priced items. Use a calendar to mark down major holidays. Set some form of reminder if you do not check your calendar daily. Tracking holiday sales will give you a goal date for your next wardrobe shopping date.

Use Coupons

Combine coupons with other sales to obtain even bigger savings. Ecommerce, such as Groupon, lists over 25,000 coupons daily. Always utilize coupons when possible, especially at major department stores such as JCPenney. The department stores are known for offering extreme discounts with coupons.

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