What Skin-Friendly Jewelry Is

Jewelry can add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, but for some people, wearing jewelry is not really an option. This is because many jewelry brands and types contain nickel. A nickel allergy can make it very painful to wear any type of jewelry, forcing people to buy expensive options that are made of pure silver or gold. Now, however, there is the option of skin-friendly jewelry.

What It Is

Skin friendly jewelry is made for people who have skin that is sensitive to certain metals. Even in traditional jewelry companies, the procedure of making the pieces can involve machinery that has handled nickel, so the customer may still experience allergies because of traces of the allergen. With skin friendly jewelry this is not a concern because the companies that create them know that it is important to go right to the source, to the machines. They use tools and machines that are allergen free.

What Are They Made of?

These jewelry types are made from a number of different materials. Most companies that produce them use medical grade plastic and medical grade titanium. These have been thoroughly tested and are safe even for people who are hypo-allergenic. These materials can be made into any piece of jewelry so that there are no restrictions at all. You can even find stunning wedding rings!

What You Should Know

Whether you have just a mild allergy problem with nickel or other metals, turning to skin friendly options will allow you to wear the jewelry for as long as you like. You will not feel discomfort of any sort, including the itching that can happen when you have an allergic reaction. These options are also not as expensive as people think. Even though they are made with medical grade materials, they are still in most people’s price range. Another great thing that companies that offer these products provide is ear-piercing services. This ensures that you or your loved one does not have an adverse reaction to the tools that can pierce ears. Most people do not realize that that is also a way allergies can get started.

Choosing the Right Jewelry

It is important to know if you are allergic to all manner of metals or if there is a specific one that bothers you. For most people it is nickel, but it can also be rose gold or even titanium. Once you know this, choose a company that is dedicated to providing their customers with safe and comfortable options they can enjoy. Wear lovely jewelry for great rates from Shoppers Stop.

With a bit of research you can find a company that can offer these services and that allow you to wear the kind of jewelry you want without having to deal with allergies. Whether you have a mild allergy or one that causes serious distress, there are companies that can make exactly the kind of products that you want without asking for a small fortune. Wear lovely jewelry for great rates with a company that specializes in this field.


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