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Fashion Is Temporary; Style Is Eternal.

The fashion market is a giant trend maker. Fashion designers created two collections a year, but most people don’t see them until the trendsetters wear them on the streets six months later. The word fashion describes the art of wearing different costumes for special events and daily trips to work. Early Western fashion seekers would travel to India, Turkey, Persia and China looking for inspiration for their latest designs. Changes in the old fashion costumes took place during social and economic upheavals. The rapid change in fashion started in the 14th century in the Western world. And the rapid change in colors, textures, cuts and fabrics hasn’t stopped since then. Fashion trends move much faster now. But the fashionistas want fashion to move even faster, even though ordinary people don’t like to change what they wear every six months unless the change is weather related. Fashion doesn’t mean much to people that have their own style.

And that brings up the question, is fashion and style the same thing? The answer is no. Fashion is temporary, and it can change in the blink of an eye. Style is personal and can be eternal. Fashion describes the external, and style is a relationship with the internal. Fashion can be a distraction, but style connects a person to their inner self. Fashion usually emphasizes clothing or shoes, but style emphasizes the person. Tailors know the difference between fashion and style. That’s why the tailors at http://www.tailorskeep.com/story/ have such a loyal following. Those tailors marry fashion with individual style. The resulting style is eternal, and it is etched in the minds of people that want to express a unique as well as specific image.

Fashion does have the ability to erode self-esteem and confidence. Fashion does assume there is a gap between where a person stands in the wake of a fashion wave, and where that person should be. Style doesn’t have that gap. Style fills that gap. The dynamic nature of style is hard to suppress once it is identified. And style constantly reinvents itself without going through radical changes in its core. Style honors uniqueness and character. The outside matches the inside. There is a Zen quality in style that fashion ignores. And Zen speaks in ways fashion can’t explain.

But fashion will never disappear. The art of wearing a costume to hide the flaws and idiosyncrasies will keep fashion designers busy for many years to come. Fashion can be an addictive fantasy that brings life to those who are looking for it, and agony for those who can’t keep up with it. Being fashionable is a necessity for some people. They hang their confidence on fashion in order to make a statement.

Style hangs on the bond between the inner and outer self. The self who lives to be one with nature. The self who lives to express all things without hesitation. Style speaks many languages and crosses many cultures, but style always stays true to the person who wears it without regrets.


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