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Effective Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Social media marketing is how you get your brand to have relevance across social media which is one of the primary channels for business communication with consumers today. Companies need to position their brands positively in the minds of social media consumers and to do this they need to understand how to effectively market in the medium. Here is what companies need to know.

Fast is Dumb and Wrought with Peril

Building a vibrant social media audience will take time. It needs to be an organic build where the company understands who their market is and why they are responding to the brand. Is it because of the company’s marketing efforts? Is it because their brand is in a trending product category? Is it because a viral video mentioned them? Is it because an influencer discussed them on a social network or at a hot industry conference? You can only discover these things and their true impact to your brand if you have a period of time to review what is going on and compare this to what has been going on previously. So you want to build your audience over time.  This means having your company pursue a strategy to buy Instagram followers for example, would not fit into the best idea for follower growth. Instead, take this steady and consistent and learn along the way.

Build a Media Department and / or Work Closely with an Outside Media Firm

Social media means constantly having media put up on your channels for your audiences to consume. They expect a steady and consistent stream of the stuff because they are hungry and have short attention spans. Their preferred meals today are short videos that are either funny, poignant, sad or inspiring. So your company needs to be in a position to provide them lots of this stuff all the time. The way you get this done is be either building an in-house media department dedicated to creating social media videos, memes and other content, or working closely with a media company that specializes in social media video or doing both (which is the best idea if you can afford it). Ye this is a pretty major expense, but it is the current standard right now for companies looking to attract audiences on social media.

Engage Influencers the Right Way

Joining forces with those who have the attention of social media audiences is smart business. And is an effective way to get your brand in front of a massive targeted audience. Influencers have confirmed themselves to be extremely valuable to marketing campaigns, radically growing conversion rates. Engaging with these in-demand powerhouses is not always easy though and there is a specific way for businesses to use them effectively. Here are some tips:

  • Consider engaging an agency that works with influencers: There is a thriving business for influencer agents today who can get you to the top influencers in practically any target category. These companies will save you time and headaches and many have dozens under their roof so they can cut great deals for your company.
  • Look to the Long term: You may need the influencer for one specific campaign or project, but if it is successful you may find yourself going right back to that same influencer for another job. If you treat the person like an employee and seek to grind on every little aspect of the relationship, you may find this works against you when you go back to the table to negotiate using them again. So think long term and treat the influencer you pick like you will be in business with them for a long time.

Take the right steps today when looking to market your company on social media and it can pay big dividends for your brand.


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